At HSBC we believe that education and access to natural resources are essential if communities are to prosper. We help fund community projects around the world and thousands of our employees volunteer their time and share their skills.

Youth education

In Germany, HSBC is one of the main sponsors of the youth welfare centre Die Arche e. V. in the Düsseldorf suburb of Wersten.

Die Arche was founded by Bernd Siggelkow in Berlin in 1995 with the aim of fighting child poverty. It helps children between the ages of 6 and 12 by offering them hot food, individual attention, homework supervision and the chance to play sports and music at centres across the country. Children can also take part in holiday camps. Die Arche and its founder Bernd Siggelkow are well known for their work to tackle child poverty and promote equal opportunities for children in Germany. In Düsseldorf, the charity provides a children's club and daycare centre, helping around 150 children.

HSBC supports Die Arche financially and through employee volunteering at the annual summer festival, Christmas gift campaigns, family Saturdays and special events.

HSBC Trinkaus School Project

We believe it is important to start financial education at an early age.

In Düsseldorf and other cities where we operate, our employees improve children’s financial knowledge with presentations in schools, help for teachers and various other workshops and classes. HSBC also has educational partnerships with the Adam-Josef-Cüppers vocational college in Ratingen, the vocational training centre in Grevenbroich, the Steinbart grammar school in Duisburg and the Theodor-Fliedner grammar school in Düsseldorf. The aim of these partnerships is to give pupils an insight into the working environment of a bank, as well as providing assistance with work experience placements and job applications.

Scholarship for young Europeans

Find out about the work that the HSBC Trinkaus Jugend & Bildung e.V. does for young people in Europe.

Christmas fundraising nominations

Since 2008, our employees have been asked to nominate charity projects to receive donations from our Christmas fundraising campaign. In 2018 the bank's donations went to „SOS-Kinderdorf in Ruanda", „Albertinen Hospiz Norderstedt", „Ankerland Hamburg e.V.", „Förderverein Dr. Minja Hospital e.V.", „Jugendhilfe Aprath", „Futuro Sí – Initiative für Kinder in Lateinamerika e.V." and „Tierschutzverein Düsseldorf e.V.".


We provide young people with a well-founded access to journalism and economic knowledge by supporting the interactive newspaper project "Texthelden" of the Rheinische Post. Pupils in grade 8 receive the Rheinische Post daily newspaper for a period of six weeks. Accompanying materials will be provided for the lessons. They learn how to deal with the media and how to report qualitatively. Students also have the opportunity to practice as young journalists and write their own articles for Rheinische Post.

Girls' & Boys' Day

Once a year the "Girls' Day" or "Boys' Day" takes place all over Germany. The campaign is intended to support pupils from the fifth grade onwards in their career and study orientation and give them the opportunity to experience the world of work in a variety of occupations for a day. HSBC Germany is also taking part in the campaign and is giving pupils an insight into the everyday work of their parents, relatives or acquaintances ("future sponsors"). On this day, the pupils will first get to know the bank in the morning in a group before they are allowed to look over the shoulder of their mentors in the afternoon.

Arts and culture

In Germany, HSBC has long-standing partnerships with several arts and cultural institutions including the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts, the NRW Art Collection, the Robert-Schumann University of Music Düsseldorf, the Düsseldorf Concert Hall and the Deutsche Oper am Rhein.

Environmental engagement

As part of the global five-year HSBC Water Programme *  our employees arrange local Water Days, where they engage in the global research project FreshWater Watch *  and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of managing the world’s water resources.

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