Sustainability at HSBC Germany

For HSBC, sustainability means building up business activities over the long term and taking social, ecological and economic aspects into account in our decisions. Thereby we can promote both economic and sustainable growth.

Thus, we pursue an integrated corporate strategy based on responsible entrepreneurial action, composed of two elements: First, the sustainable finance unit, which is concerned with enabling ‘green’ financial flows. Second, community investing/future skills, which strives to equip our clients and employees with knowledge and skills necessary in a global economy.

Further information:

  • The term Sustainable Finance covers all activities related to sustainable financing, investment and liquidity solutions. With the help of our financing strength, network and expertise, we are helping to combat climate change.
  • As responsible investing is our guiding principle, we consider key ESG criteria in our investment and investment advisor process.
  • In the process of combating climate change, it is necessary to change financing and capital flows in addition to political framework conditions. The WWF Climate Ranking is and analysis of the current status of the integration of sustainability aspects in strategies, processes and products of the largest German banks, among which is also HSBC.
  • You can find out how sustainability is thought of as a strategic topic and can be implemented for customers in the media cooperation “ESG – On the Way to the How” between HSBC and Süddeutsche Zeitung.
  • With the help of donations and the social engagement of our employees, we support good causes. You can get an overview of our social commitment here.
  • You can find topic-specific information on our sustainability strategy on the HSBC Group pages: How we are getting out of coal financing can be read here. In addition, information is provided on the water crisis and the development of financial innovations and environmental protection.


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