Investor relations

Shareholders and shares


As at 31 December 2018 the Bank's issued share capital was €91.4million divided into 34.1 million no-par value shares. 63.0 % of the share capital is listed on the Düsseldorf and Stuttgart stock exchanges. All shares have uniform rights and are bearer shares in principle. Each no-par-value share carries one vote. No shares have been issued with special rights conferring powers of control. The Management Board knows of no limitations affecting voting rights or the transfer of shares. Where employees hold shares of HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG, they exercise their control rights as other shareholders in accordance with the statutory provisions and the Articles of Association. HSBC Holdings plc, London, indirectly held 80.7 % of the share capital on the balance sheet date. Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, still holds a direct share of 18.7 %.

Share price and market value

During 2018 our share price fell by 21.46 % to €57.50. The lowest fixing price of the year was €53.50 and the highest €73.50. From the initial issue price of DM 190 (€97.20) per DM 50 nominal share on 25 October 1985, the exchange price and market capitalisation have developed as follows:

Date Number of shares Share price* in EUR Market capitalisation in EURm
*Adjusted for 1 for 10 stock split on 27 July 1998.
31.12.1985 18,000,000 17.64 317.52
31.12.1990 22,000,000 19.79 435.38
31.12.1995 23,500,000 30.58 718.63
31.12.2000 26,100,000 110.00 2,871.00
31.12.2005 26,100,000 87.50 2,283.75
31.12.2010 28,107,693 89.00 2,501.58
31.12.2011 28,107,693 90.20 2,535.31
31.12.2012 28,107,693 87.19 2,450.71
31.12.2013 28,107,693 84.80 2,383.53
31.12.2014 34,088,053 70.00 2,386.16
31.12.2015 34,088,053 72.90 2,485.89
31.12.2016 34,088,053 63.72 2,172.09
31.12.2017 34.088.053 73,21 2.495,59
31.12.2018 34.088.053 57.50 1,960.06


For the 2018 financial year we propose paying a dividend of €2.50 per share (2017: €2.50 per share). With a Dividend total of €85.2million (2017: €85.2million) we wish to ensure that our shareholders participate suitably in the profits we generated in 2018.

Paying agent

HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG, Königsallee 21/23, 40212 Düsseldorf is the domestic paying agent according to § 30 a (1, No 4) WpHG.

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