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Companies plan ambitious expansions in Southeast Asia

12 September 2023

Internationally active companies from nine major economies are increasingly optimistic about their growth prospects in Southeast Asia.

Anna-Katharina Coenen appointed Chief Risk Officer of HSBC Germany

18 August 2023

HSBC announces today that Anna-Katharina Coenen is appointed Chief Risk Officer of HSBC Germany with effect from 1st October, 2023.

HSBC announces Michael Schleef as CEO, Germany

5 June 2023

HSBC announces today that Dr. Michael Schleef will become the new head of its business in Germany from July 1.

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Legislating to unlock digital trade opportunities

24 October 2023

Having the appropriate legislation in place is key to digitising international trade, says Bhrigu Singh

Your early background shouldn’t determine your future

15 June 2023

We want to ensure everyone at HSBC has fair and equal access to opportunities, says Elaine Arden.

The future of Hong Kong as an international financial centre

10 May 2023

There is a growing need to strengthen Hong Kong’s role as a ‘super-connector’, says David Liao.